Gain the skills you need to ace your interview

If you've managed to get to the interview stage, congratulations ! You're half-way there.

The interview process is the last challenge to overcome in order to access that much sought-after  admission.

However, this is the stage that can make it or break it for you, so do not leave any room to luck.

With our coaching services, master the rules of the interview and gain the confidence needed to take the jury away on D-day!

What is included ?

5 Exclusive modules

Exclusive content specially prepared from us based on past sucessful interviews and our data base of questions that appeared during real interviews. These modules are designed to help you stand out from the rest. 

I. Story Telling

II. Behavioral Fit Questions 

III. Strength and Weakness Questions 

IV. Team and Leadership Questions

V. School & Program Knowledge 

2 Interactive Workshops

The workshops will be the time to apply what was learnt during the modules, and perfect your interviewing skills in real life.

Unlimited Interview Mocks

Unlimited mock interviews with constructive feeback by an expert from the school you are applying to. Practice makes perfect.