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Interview Coaching

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Let us instill you the art of Recommendation Letters

🎓 Getting HEC, LBS, INSEAD, ESSEC, or any other leading institution will require recommendation letters. They are probably the trickiest part of the application process - it involves anticipation, building sincere relationships over time with professors and professionals older than you, and managing expectations on the content of your letter with precision. 

✉️ Academic and professional letters each have their own challenges, but understanding what makes an authentic, supra-laudatory, original and glowing recommendation will undoubtedly get you closer to receiving one. 

📖 Based on our experience helping hundreds of students getting into top business schools, we have created our very own MIM Prep Recommendation Letter Guide on how to go about achieving outstanding academic and professional recommendation letters to maximise your odds for your applications. In this guide, you will find:

* How your recommendation letters should be structured
* What school recruitment teams are sifting through your letters for - relative to your skills and your core traits
* Analysis and tips for the entire process
* Examples of letters (not great, average, and stellar recommendations) that got students into leading Business Schools such as HEC, LBS, INSEAD...