The MIM Prep GMAT Algo Sheet

The MIM Prep GMAT Algo Sheet

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The definite quickest way to improve your GMAT score

⛰ Let us guess, you have been struggling with the GMAT for the past few months, your score plateauing at 650 or less…, round 2 deadlines are approaching and you have already planned your next retake or thinking of giving up altogether… Go no further !

🧠 We have spent countless hours gathering all the tips and tricks for you to understand the GMAT algorithm and how to leverage it to dramatically increase your score !

💡 Did you know for example that the same number of mistakes could actually make your score vary by up to 80 points ?

A better understanding of The GMAT algorithm will allow you to: 

      ⏰ Improve your timing during your exam session
      ♟️ Pinpoint which questions to skip - take the GMAT as you would play chess: « sacrifice a few pieces to win »
      🤷 Have a proper guessing strategy
      🏅 Optimize your test taking strategy

🔥 At a similar skill level, having a good understanding of the GMAT algorithm can literally make the difference between being admitted into one school or another !

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