• Worldwide Alumni Network

  • International Exposure

  • Practical Application

  • In-Demand Skills

Program Characteristics

  • Duration

    14-16 months

  • GMAT


    Gmat Range (Middle 80%)

  • Location

    Fontainebleau and Singapore
    (with optional study trips to Abu Dhabi, China and the USA)

  • Tuition fees


  • Intake


  • Ranking

    #4 worldwide (QS 2022)

School Admission Specificities

Application Essays

Essay Questions 

1) How would you describe yourself? (Maximum 200 words)

2) Describe all types of extracurricular activities in which you have been or are still involved for a significant amount of time (clubs, sports, music, arts, etc.). How are you enriched by these activities? (Maximum 200 words)

3) Tell us what you have been doing since graduating from secondary education and what motivated your choices? (Maximum 200 words)

4) Please give us all the information about your activities and occupation from now until the start of the programme. (Maximum 40 words)

5) Share your short and long-term career aspirations with a MIM from INSEAD. (Maximum 100 words)

6 ) Is there anything else that was not covered in your application that you would like to share with the Admissions Committee? (Maximum 300 words)

Letters of Recommendation

For a valide applicaton you need to attach 2 Recommendation letters. INSEAD will spend recommendation forms to your referees with specific questions in order to understand your profile more in depth.

Q1. How long have you known the candidate? Define your relationship with the candidate and the circumstances whereby you met.

Q2. Comment on the candidate’s career progress to date and his/her career focus.

Q3. What do you consider to be the candidate’s major strengths? Comment on the factors that distinguish the candidate from other individuals at his/her level.

Q4. Comment on the candidate’s potential for senior management. Do you see him/her as a future leader?

Q5. Describe the candidate as a person. Comment on his/her ability to establish and maintain relationships, sensitivity to others, self-confidence, attitude, etc. Specifically, comment on the candidate’s behaviour or skills in a group setting/team environment.

The Kira Interview

A specificity ofthe Insead Admission process is the Kira interview you need to record in order to submit your application.

You will have 30 seconds to prepare for each question and 2 minutes to answer. Questions are random but still appear to follow a pattern. They are mostly made to test your behaviour and to evaluate how you would react to a given situation. Here are some questions that comes out often:

INSEAD Kira Interview Question Bank

• Tell me about a time when you had to speak with someone that had an accent or couldn’t speak the same language as you. How did you adapt?

• You can have dinner with any personality dead or alive, who do you choose, why ?

• What is a risk you have taken that backfired?

• What challenging goals have you set for yourself during your first year at INSEAD?

• What does diversity mean to you?

• Describe a time when understanding someone’s perspective helped you to understand them better.

The Alumni interview

At Insead (like LBS) you will be interviewed by an alumni instead of teachers or staff members. The main point of the interview is to understand whether and how you would fit the Insead community. Questions are mostly personal fit questions, strenght and weakness questions, team and leadership questions but since it is an alumni interview it also can be more informal. The interviewer can ask you about a hobby of yours or a book you read etc... So be ready for anything !